About us. In 1978, Philidelphia Eagles offensive line captain Mark Nordquist and lawyer Ken Reed founded a small company in a Carlsbad California garage. They named the new company DonJoy after their wives Donna and Joy. The first products of DonJoy were simple support sleeves constructed of neoprene pieces stitched together and pulled over the knee,ankle and elbow joints. In 1980 the product line added an off-the-shelf rigid knee support device called the 4 point knee brace and the timing couldn't have been better. The modern era of sports medicine was in its infancy and products like DonJoy's were suddenly in high demand. Throughout the next two decades the small business grew rapidly.
.In 1987 the London-based medical devices conglomerate Smith & Nephew took notice of the growing company and bought DonJoy for 20 million.
.In 1995 DonJoy acquired procare leading orthopedic soft goods company.
.By the late 1990's DonJoy was generating approximately 100 million in annual revenues
.In 1999 the DonJoy management team arranged a leveraged buyout and changed the name from DonJoy to DJOrthopedics. They took the company public again in 2001.
Over the next several years DJO grew at an unprecedented rate,acquiring all or part of seven new companies.
.Depuy soft goods
.Orthologic bone growth stimulation
.Durakold cold therapy products
.Axmed superior medical equipment
.Encore orthopedic soft goods
.Aircast bracing and support devices

following the Aircast acquisition inn 2006 the company name changed to DJO incorporated to better reflect the broad range of product lines it now provided.
In 2007 the company's fortunes changed forever when the Blackstone Group purchased DJO. Once again DJO became a privately held company. Blackstone merged DJO with another Blackstone-owned company, Reable Therapeutics,which include the Empi ,Chattanooga and Encore product lines:the combined companies adopted the DJO name, virtually overnight DJO changed the orthopedic and surgical reconstructive implants. Over the past several years DJO has purchased several of its overseas distributors in key locations,including Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Tunisia. These strategic acquisitions give the company almost total control over the sales and distribution of its products in the more than three dozen countries it serves. Today DJO continues to grow its product offerings with strategic acquisitions,including Bell-Horn, Elastic Therapy,and Dr comfort. In the first quarter of 2019 Colfax Corporation,a publicly-traded diversified technology company,acquired DJO as the foundation of their new strategic growth platform in the healthcare space. From its humble beginnings in a California garage DJO has evolved into a billion dollar company. Today with more than five thousand employees in more than a dozen facilities around the world, DJO Global is dedicated to enabling people to live their lives to the fullest by providing intelligent medical devices and services from injury prevention to rehabilitation.
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