The world's luggage storage network . Find your closest luggage storage and enjoy your journey until the very end!
Store your bags in a few clicks
  1. locate: find a luggage storage location near you
  2. book: proceed with online booking
  3. store: store your suitcases
  4. enjoy: enjoy your hands-free journey
Each piece of luggage is covered by a guarantee

Charged per day per bag no weight or size limits


Radical checks and verifies each partner

Our team is always there for you
Would you like to take us with you when you travel? Then download our amazing app! The radical app is convenient, easy to use and fast . Through it you can choose any luggage storage location,make reservations and manage your bookings.
Convenient luggage storage places for your luggage. Travel provides a sense of freedom that only comes when you leave your boring routine behind in search of new experiences. While you're hitting the museums,restaurants, and other major sights of your vacation destination,the last thing you want to do is have to carry your luggage everywhere you go. With radical storage we help put your mind (and arms) at ease by offering handy luggage storage options at a number of worldwide locations and we do it with our easy online booking.

Meet our angels. Once you've figured out your vacation schedule,use our booking system to search your destination for one of our business-based luggage storage locations,which we call angels. They're always public places so you can feel safe dropping off,and many of them offer additional services such as boarding pass printing,meals, and even showers. We meticulously screen each of our partners,and they can take a number of different forms.

Hotels. Restaurants. Bistros . Cafes. Bars. Retail stores. Bike rentals.

After successfully booking,you will receive angel's address, allowing you to simply drop your bags off at the designated time. Don't worry if your plans call for an unexpected extended stay,as you can tag on additional days at the same affordable rate, and unlike the airlines,we don't charge extra for larger or heavier items.

Your luggage is safe with us. To give you the utmost peace of mind,when you book your luggage storage through radical storage,every booking is backed by a personal guarantee for each item. Your transaction also takes place over secure servers and you can pay using a credit card or paypal.

Book a place for your bag today. No matter if it's your first visit to a new city or you're making your latest trip to a favorite destination,turn to radical for safe and easy storage for all of your luggage. Why risk the trauma and inconvenience of losing your valuables when a secure booking is a few easy clicks away?
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