South Coast Enterprises is a proud dealer for Gabriel & co fine jewelry
We at Gabriel & com are celebrating life and love through the art & science of fine jewelry. Led by brothers jack and dominick Gabriel,we share a unique passion for the true value of fine jewelry and the emotions jewelry signifies. Over the past 30 years Gabriel & co has earned the reputation as being passionate,dependable and artistic designers,creators and manufacturers. Our extensive line of timeless pieces encompasses classic and fashion-forward design ultimately bringing together impeccable artistry with enduring technology perfect for every unforgettable moment.
Gabriel & co has perfected the art of fine jewelry making over the past 30 years and now leaps the industry with the biggest warranty & service program. Gabriel & co operates it's own manufacturing facility to ensure superior quality. Each piece is individually handcrafted with careful attention to detail and style by our artisan jewelry design team that collectively have over 150 years of fine jewelry experience. We only use top grade metals and certified diamonds within every ring. Our quality control standards upholds strict ethical procedures to ensure that each piece is thoroughly inspected prior to its arrival at the jeweler. Each stone is thoroughly examined by our onsite expert gemologists. With inspiration,stemming from artistic and cultural influences from around the world. It is this unique collaboration of designers and manufacturers that transform an ordinary piece of metal or stone into an extraordinary piece of jewelry. We love what we do & we do it for you!
Gabriel & co has established an inventory tracking system for every jewelry piece produced and shipped to our retail partners or consumers. Each piece includes a unique laser inscribed serial number that is tractable once registered online with proof of purchase. This unique serial number can be tracked through a 26 step process eg. identifying the designer who created the piece,the source of diamonds,gemstones and metal quality control. The shipment information and the customer who purchases and registers the jewelry online. Under our warranty,we are able to identify the owner of each piece ensuring security and global ownership in the event that an accident or loss occurs,that is what we call peace of mind.
Gabriel & co offers any consumer the opportunity to exchange an engagement ring within one year of purchase for another ring of equal or higher value. Even custom order rings are included as long as the ring has been registered for the Gabriel & co warranty. Once your ring has been registered you may return your item to the original location to process an exchange. We want you to be the most confident with your big decision.
By completing our registration within 30 days of purchase you automatically enroll for (1) free lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects: we take such pride in the quality of our jewelry that we will make any necessary repairs or replacements with no additional costs and (2) one year warranty for normal wear and tear: we cover damages resulting from normal wear and tear within one year of purchase. Just upload your original receipt and fill out the form. The submission serves as confirmation that you have read the warranty terms and conditions underwritten by NYC Empire insurance inc. All customers are eligible for complimentary inspection and cleaning every 6 months at our retail partner stores.
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