The new you in 30 days. Audio based fitness workouts

Behind the world's original audio fitness brand

In 2015 Ethan Agarwal was trying to stay fit during his business travels. It wasn't easy-he found it difficult to stay motivated during runs. He wanted an audio-based guide that would be with him every step of the way. Not finding a product that suited his needs Ethan started Aaptiv. Today Aaptiv is the top audio-based fitness app on the apple app store and the fastest-growing mobile fitness product on the market.

At Aaptiv,we believe that everyone deserves personalized fitness instruction not just the few who can afford their own personal trainer. We're not about six-packs,thigh gaps,or so called "beach bodies" -everybody is welcome on our beach. We help people feel the joy of moving their bodies,the satisfaction of beating a personal best,and the health benefits of fitness. We embrace all paths: A morning run,a midday yoga session, an after-work gym class,or a bedtime meditation.

Our vision is simple-we want to improve the lives of millions through fitness. Our journey begins with a magical combination of scientifically effective programming. Empathetic trainers and uplifting music. As we grow our members can count on us to deliver the most convenient,personalized and fun way to work out-an always-there partner that guides them to their healthiest-happiest lives.
How it works

A perfect workout in 3 easy steps

Enter your goals to find programs and workouts you'll love
Choose a workout based on duration,trainer,music and more
Put on your headphones and let our trainers guide you
Why audio?
Stop staring at a screen or squinting at your phone. Aaptiv's audio-based instruction and musical inspiration lets you move freely,focus on your form,and enjoy your surroundings.
There's always something new to do
You'll never be bored with an Aaptiv membership
.Unlimited access to over 2,500 guided workouts
.Structured programs to help you achieve your goals
.More than 40 new classes every week
.Access to a supportive,inspiring community group
We're constantly adding workouts and programs and improving the app-and it's all included in your membership. Expert trainers guide you through every workout. Our trainers give you techniques tips,and encouragement for real results at any level. Take programs tailored to your fitness goals. Multi-week plans for weight loss,race training,flexibility,maternity, and more..................................
Join over 200,000 happy members!
Stay at home
Hundreds of workouts for home equipment-or no equipment.
Hit the gym
A world of workouts for cardio machines and weights
Get outside
Run,work out,do yoga,meditate. Aaptiv is fresh -air friendly.
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