Engage your audience and grow your brand on social media with professional video content. Join 400,000 + businesses creating videos using lumen 5. Lumen 5 combines powerful A.I. with a simple drag-and-drop interface to help you create professional video content in minutes.

Lumen 5 is a video creation platform designed for brands and businesses to produce engaging video content for social posts,stories,and ads. Our goal is to enable anyone without training or experience to easily create amazing videos in minutes. Our technology enables marketing teams to focus on the story and narrative while relying on our system to do the heavy lifting. Not only does our platform offer tools to make videos ,lumen 5 takes it a step further to supply all the resources needed to make thumb stopping videos. Our built in media library offers access to millions of stock footage,photos,and sound tracks. This means that our users have access to everything they need without having to record or purchase any digital assets extrernally.
The problem
Video content has been rapidly transforming the marketing landscape and video content has quickly claimed the spotlight as the single most popular form of storytelling. However tools for producing video content have not evolved quickly enough to meet this new demand. Many experts are required to produce a video such as scriptwriters,photographers,cinematographers,audio engineers,video editors,and more. The video production process is complicated,time-consuming and extremely expensive.
Our solution
Video editing is a time-consuming process because it requires a lot of small tweaks and fine tuning. Using machine learning,we automate these tasks to help our users create quality videos with minimal time, effort and training. For example the duration of each scene is algorithmically determined based on the number of words in the scene. Text positioning is intelligently placed to avoid covering important subjects such as human faces,important keywords are automatically emphasized and highlighted with your brand ,color and a credit. Scene is generated at the end of each video to help you stay compliant with copyright laws.
Here's how lumen 5 works
Work smarter-not harder
Write a script ,choose a template or enter a link. Using natural language processing algorithms,our system will automatically create a storyboard for you.

Our A.I. will find the perfect audio visuals using computer vision technology,our system will find relevant visuals and audio relevant to you content.

Add your branding and call-to-action upload your logo add your watermark customize your style and include a call to action to drive conversion.

Download and share the video on facebook and get more reach. Platforms like google and twitter also rank videos above other types of posts.

1.500.000 videos created. Lumen 5 is trusted by brands and businesses worldwide spanning every industry.

12 times engagement,videos outperform text,images,gifs and all other types of posts on social.

 8 minutes with our A.I. anyone on your team can produce engaging videos in under 8 minutes.
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