Treat and stabilize injuries

Tactical kits that are designed to treat and stabilize injuries used by technicians the military ,professionals and civilians looking to treat and stabilize injuries when help may not be immediately available. Whether hiking or going about a daily routine you need to be able to rely on your equipment if an emergency  should occur.

bleeding kits.jpg
Bleeding control kits

Meditac bleeding control kits bundle in one convenient package, products intended to stop traumatic hemorrhaging. Contains critical supplies like tourniquets bandages gauze and more. all which are inside the kit. For use to address any traumatic bleeding situations.

earthquake preparedness kit
disaster preparedness kit

Meditac disaster preparedness kits contain all you need to be prepared for disasters and other emergencies with a well stocked emergency kit for your home workplace and automobile. Choose from a variety of survival and emergency preparedness supplies to help you plan for earthquakes, tornadoes,flooding ,fire and more.

survival kit
Survival kits

Meditac survival accessories allow you to personalize your first aid kits and bags so they can be enhanced to fit your exact needs and lifestyle. Keep whistles ,hand warmers, glow sticks, emergency blankets and other survival items available to help during and emergency situation.

tourniquet kit
Tourniquet kits

Meditac tourniquet kits are designed to compress the limb to restrict blood flow,prevents hemorrhaging one of the leading preventable deaths in both tactical and non tactical situations. Many styles to choose from for the right fit for your needs.