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Switchbot smart products were designed to give customers the ability to turn their homes into a smart home with a few simple steps. if you're looking to transition into a smart home environment but don't want the hassle of changing electronics or replacing appliances then Switchbot can help you transform your home and make it smarter in seconds saving you time and money.

smart curtains


Switchbot curtain can be attached to a huge range of curtains to help make them smart with a simple 30-second installation that doesn't require any tools. after installation you'll be able to open and close your curtains automatically either via our app or by using schedules to determine when your curtains will open or close.

smart plug


Good chips come in threes. Includes 3 amazing smart chips inside. With a built in bluetooth, WI-FI and energy chip. Switchbot plug mini is a plug worth mentioning. Control from anywhere, no hub required. Connect to your devices via our app and you'll be able to control your smart home energy via both bluetooth and WI-FI meaning you'll be able to control power where you want, how you want.

Reduces wasted energy. Our built-in energy chip allows you to view electricity consumption data in real time. You can turn off idle appliances from wherever you are and save both energy and money at the same time

Switchbot plug mini allows you to set schedules for all kinds of home appliances, removing the need for manually setting a ton of timers. You can also set timers to turn off your connected devices automatically. control using intuitive voice commands.  great for home appliances such as floor lights, stand lights, tv's, and humidifiers. this can be easily done using smart voice assistants like alexa, google home, siri shortcuts, IFTTT, line clova and smart things.

Smarten up any electrical device with it's compact design , fits nicely into most outlets making it an easy choice to smarten up home appliances. made for safety.

strip lighting



It's time to get creative when it comes to lighting. we believe more is more. choose up to 16 million different colors and create up to 24 color scenes. there's more fun to be had with 5 dynamic scenes to help you define your lighting style and make your home both colorful and creative. there are 6 different ways to put your home lighting in your hands. switchbot LED strip lighting works with Alexa, google home, IFTTT, Siri shortcuts, and smart things. you can use other control methods such as  switchbot  tag, it's built in light controller, switchbot remote , or even our app. using voice command you can transform your home by using  LED strip light and custom colors. you can set the mood for a party make your living room more romantic, enhance your home decor with color accents. sync your lights to the beat of your favorite tracks with music made using switchbot LED strip lights thanks to our built-in controller microphone. you can even use your phone microphone to help pick up sound and enjoy a more dynamic lighting environment when listening to music.




Check temperature and humidity at  a glance using our all-way smart meter, made with a 3 inch LCD display to help make viewing even easier. includes a durable stand and magnet that allows you to place your meter anywhere. get real time alerts and reminders regarding indoor temperature and humidity. place meter plus in your babies room to monitor indoor temperature and humidity in real time. you can use Alexa to set indoor temperature readings with simple voice commands. you can also use google home, Siri shortcuts, line and smart things.

automate light switches



Switchbot bot is compatible with just about any rocker switch or button of any appliance found at home enabling you to instantly transform old devices into something much smarter. stick on almost any switch and you're good to go. takes seconds to install making your devices smarter has never been easier. no tools required. switch on -off using the add-on included in our packaging, rocker switches can be flipped on or off meaning you can push, or pull your on/off switches easily. set schedules with ease hve appliances that need to be turned constantly during specific times during the day or night. can be controlled using voice commands from Alexa, google home, Siri, IFTTT and smart things.

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With smart learning mode, Switchbot mini hub is able to learn and mimic signals from your existing remote control in just 5 seconds meaning you'll be able to consolidate a whole lot more remote controls and we'll you know get rid of all the others Switchbot  hub mini works with Alexa, google assistant, Siri, and other smart assistants too. you can now control your home appliances and other Switchbot devices with simple voice commands, making life even more intuitive.

smart light bulbs



You can now control your lighting in an even easier way thanks to switchbot color bulb. turn any light on/off. change the color of your light bulb or even adjust brightness with a few simple voice commands use Alexa, google home, Siri shortcuts, smart things IFTTT, and clova. Choose from 16 million colors you now have complete control over the color of your bulb. when using the switchbot app. you can also save your color presets easily and there's a ton of different colors to choose from . a  softer source of light  bulb brightness is also super important when trying to improve your living environment to suit you better when your mood changes or you perhaps have a specific task that needs doing. switchbot color bulb is here to provide you with softer lighting when resting  or brighter light to help studying or working. control from anywhere switchbot color bulb can be operated using WI-FI or Bluetooth no matter how far away you are from home. pair it with switchbot motion sensor when getting up late and light you'll be able to adjust the brightness of your bulb to turn on at a level that doesn't interfere with your drowsiness making it easier to get back to sleep. use together with switchbot indoor cam.  set your bulb to turn red when activated to warn off any suspicious presence that may be detected. this helps give trasspassers a surprise and may help prevent crime. you can time bulbs according to your schedule. for example at 8 am your light bulb can gradually light up to help you wake up and set for say 11 pm to slowly turn your lights off to help you relax better before sleep. you can choose up to 5 different color-changing modes, fade-in , fade-out flash, breath, and display mode select your favorite colors and ways in which color changes the group control function allows you to manage up to 50 colored bulbs in any group. and you can set an unlimited number of groups using your smartphone as a mircrophone the behavior  of your lighting can change adhering to the vibrations given from the sound of music. set reminders for things like losing track of  time when watching tv. your color bulb can flash to remind you of specific events that you set meaning you'll always have something around to help remind you. the color bulb can  installed anywhere, chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, bring color to any corner of your home.

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Ever forget to turn the lights off as you bolt out the door? Or maybe you're just tired of turning off all your electrical appliances one by one. Simply stick a switchbot tag next to your front door. A single tap using your nfc enabled smartphone and you'll be able to turn off all your home appliances in seconds. it's just that easy. It's waterproof, foolproof, and  lifeproof.  Connect the tag to your tv, and you can turn on/off with your smartphone.

with the tag you can turn your lights on/off, and open and close your curtains as well. place the switchbot tag in your bedroom and you will be able to open and close your curtains without getting out of bed. connect the tag to your air conditioner and humidifier and control using your smartphone. when it's time to watch a movie , using the tag to close your curtains, and turn off the lights.

indoor cam


Switchbot indoor camera helps monitor your home 24 hours a day and will alert you when something unexpected happens. you can live stream to your camera anytime , anywhere supports 2.4 ghz wi-fi networks only. And with night vision 1080p HD resolution and 130 degree wide angle lens you'll be able to see everything in front of you clearer than ever before. Detects human movement. You can turn on human-only movement detection via our app to reduce false alarms from foreign objects or pets. Get real time alerts on your phone when indoor camera detects movement. so you know what's going on when your not around. Set up your customized detection zones to set just exactly where switchbot indoor cam should be watching. get the message across with two way talk. with a built in microphone and speaker you can simply press the talk button located in our app and start real time two-way communication with family members that are beside the indoor cam. live stream with Alexa to show you preset rooms and live stream them to Alexa-enabled devices to capture what ever is going on at any moment. The indoor cam uses high-level encryption technology to ensure your data is protected.

motion sensor



Switchbot motion sensor detects body movement across a wider area range up to 30 ft and at an angle of 110 degrees horizontally and 55 degrees vertically. you can even set sensitivity settings to help make sure you're always detecting the right things. lamp on-lamp off we've included a light sensor inside that can be used to detect what kind of light environment your surroundings are in . you can define your light threshold to be bright or dark via our app.  you can receive voice alarms when using Alexa. this motion detector is perfect for letting you know when someone unknown may have entered your home

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Switchbot contact sensors is made  up of 2 components that are fixed close to each other on things such as doors and windows with a detection range of up to 16 feet 90 degrees horizontally 55 degrees vertically. any movements that your door or window makes can be detected to help notify you when contact takes place. get notification around the clock . When connected to switchbot hum mini your smart voice assistant can alert you of events such as when someone enters your home. the sensor is able to tell when users have left or entered the home. it's small in size, easy to install and can be placed anywhere ,fridges, pet cages, drawers, doors and windows.