Turn your curtains into smart curtains

Make your curtains smart in 30 seconds. Switchbot curtain is a small wireless robot that makes any curtain motorized and smart with a 30 second installation. After attaching to your curtains you can open and close your curtain with your smartphone or set a schedule to automatically open or close.

smart curtains
Use your smart phone to open or close

Open your curtains with one touch. Sometimes we're just too tired of pulling the drapes by hand. So from now on start to open and close them on your smartphone. By adding the switchbot hub mini you can even control your curtains when you are 1000 miles away from home. Also works with google assistant,alexa,siri and other integrations.

wake up refreshed
wake up with natural light

Struggling with the alarms in the morning? Let the switchbot curtain save you. Set up a schedule on your phone and your curtains will automatically open before your alarm goes off.

Long battery life

Equipped with a rechargeable battery,it can last 8 months depending on usage. Plus there's an optional switchbot solar panel. Once plugged into the switchbot curtain you will never have to recharge again.

energy saving.jpg
Energy saving everyday

With the help of the built in sunlight sensor your curtains can be set to close during the daytime in summer blocking out the sunlight to save air-conditioning. Set the curtain to open during the day time in winter you will enjoy a warm room while saving on heating.