Improve your GMAT score
improve your university scores

Higher GMAT score, faster. Online GMAT prep that focuses your practice where it has the most impact on your score. Our GMAT tudor offers an unrivalled combination of self-managed learning flexible tutor support and the opportunity for extensive practice. We've helped over 15,000 students achieve a place at the school of their dreams. The graduate management admissions test (GMAT) is a standardized computer adaptive test (CAP) required as part of the application process to many MBA programs around the world. ,Measures skills in the fields of English, Mathematics and Analytical writing.

Science education
home education

The future of science education is at your door! Forget routine reading and listening let children acquire practical knowledge by doing spectacular science projects.

Smart connected cube

The award winning smart connected cube that will turn your screen time into quality time. Smart cubes connect to your phone  or tablet and tracks your moves in real time. Finally everyone can do the cube! Learn together how to solve the rubik's in a fun and interactive way. Play games and battle online with other cubers around the world. This is the perfect stem toy, it is educating and fun and adds tons of value to screen time.

Buy a tree for the planet, your children and yourself
plant a tree

The best time to plant a tree was 50 years ago, the next best time is now! We have a plan to reverse climate change,but we need your help. When you purchase a tree through eco force we plant it, GPS it fertilize it place a tree guard around it and water and care for it for 2 years. This tree  is guaranteed  to live and capture carbon . The more trees we plant the more carbon we capture.

test the air in your home
home air check
your guide to indoor air testing

Whether you choose a do-it-yourself option or hire a professional. Testing the air helps you make the right decisions for your home. Healthy air is essential for a healthy home . Check for allergens .surface dust .VOCS. active mold .formaldehyde .tobacco smoke.

kids home projects
Meet green kids crafts

Green kids crafts is empowering the next generation of environmental leaders using creative nature-based steam activities. Green kid crafts has sold over 1.5 million boxes specially designed to help children exercise creativity, develop a love of discovery and learn about the world around them. Eco-friendly projects that teach kids about the value of sustainability and a healthy planet.

click a tree four.jpg
Click a tree-plant a tree

Planting trees has a ton of benefits not least trees are vital for human survival ,creates full time jobs. .almost all land -based animals depend on trees as a habitat and a food source .trees restore natural water cycles . trees absorb climate damaging carbon dioxide and release oxygen .besides providing nutrients trees also protect smaller plants from heavy rains and soil erosion We plant one new tree for every new subscriber for free! And yes you can give that free tree a name and follow its progress.

climate change
We plant trees and fund the world's best climate crisis solutions

Ecologi was created so people like you can actually take on the climate crisis . Our collective home is in the process of being turned totally upside down which is leading to strife for almost all life on earth. At Ecologi we invest your money into a broad range of projects that are able to evidence that they are reducing green house gas emissions one of these projects is planting trees. "so join the cause"

Make a book online for free and print it!

Bookemon provides an online book creation platform for anyone who has a book to write or story to tell. You can do online or mobile for free. It is a unique tool that can turn your pages from photo, picture or a document into a book the way you want