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Symbolizing the future of intelligent life with smart home appliances allowing you time to enjoy the time at home. Our proscenic team is a comprehensive home appliance manufacturer integrating R&D,manufacturing and sales.

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360 degree.jpg
LDS 360 degree

Scans your home through 360 degree. This cost effective intelligent robot vacuum that helps you make the quickest most efficient organized and smart plan for cleaning

Endurance vacuuming. With li-ion battery 14.8v and 3200MAH. Enjoy up to 110 minutes continuously cleaning.

Thanks to the advanced electric water tank and programmed water outlet system it can clean large surfaces distributes water homogeneously through the mop

i room.jpg
I room cleaning

I room cleaning system that divides your home map into multiple regions. Innovative system through which you can select specific rooms you want to clean at the scheduled time.

2 n 1 large capacity tank. Part of it for collecting dust and another part for mopping.

Mopping with an effective y shaped cleaning path, which enables triple pass mopping action and clean every piece of dirt and grime.

virtual voice.jpg
Virtual voice control

With virtual voice technology you can voice command  with alexa and google assistant to start,stop and charge.

No go zone setting. Use app to define forbidden areas that you don't want the robot to clean and protect your precious items.

Real time mop memory. Up to 5 maps can be saved in the robot memory which makes it load more quickly than those device saved maps in the app.

always stand by.jpg
Always stand by

Always home and always ready. Seeking the charging dock on low battery and get back to the spot it left to continue its job.

Laser sensors. Covered with 15 sensors that help the robot vacuum cleaner to handle different surroundings. Fall avoiding sensor can detect the ledge. Obstacle detecting sensor can prevent collisions.

Suction enlarge system. Powerful turbine that maximizes its great suction power of up to 2600PA. Capable of removing all types of dirt.

cyclonic technology.jpg
Cyclonic technology

The cyclonic technology with an advanced turbo 3.0 motor rotating with a high speed of 110,000 rpm. 260 w power rating and max 23,000 pa suction

anti pathogen.jpg

The anti-pathogen sealed technology and four stage filters capture and trap 99.9% of particles as small as 0.3 microns including dust allergens and dander keeping them out of the air you breathe.

vboost technology.jpg
V boost technology

Intelligently optimizes the suction and run time across all floor types and achieves a balance between the suction power and battery life.

battery life.jpg
Long battery life

Up to 55 minutes of run time in min mode. The removable battery can be charged in or out of the unit.

anti tangle.jpg
Anti-tangle technology

The anti-tangle technology effectively stops hairs from tangling around the roller brush and makes it perform well. The gears on the brush head smooth hairs and tackle hair wrap head on.

Mini motorized brush

With a mini motorized brush that removes dust especially on beds sofas and pillows it provides a clean and comfortable living environment

Crevice nozzle

With the crevice tool you can easily remove dust from corners and cracks

The round brush

The round brush heads are ideal for removing hair and dust from curtains bookshelves and sofas

Converts to handheld

The innovation makes it convert into a lightweight cordless handheld vacuum for both home and interior car cleaning

air purifier.jpg
Air purifier

Provides moist healthy air for life. In addition to the app control it is possible to connect the humidifier and amazon alexa. You can free your hands and use voice command.

LED display

The informative LED display of the humidifier make it easier to operate. The screen shows the temperature,relative humidity and mist level in the room. Besides the app to controll the humidifier it can be manually controlled by touching the screen

360-degree spray nozzle

The 360-degree spray nozzle helps humidifier work better so you can breathe the fresh air even far away from the humidifier

Excellent humidification 

Equipped with HEPA filter which can make the air much fresher and healthier. Not only does this humidifier have excellent humidification performance it's also quiet and leak-proof while working.

negative ion.jpg
Negative ion function

Moisturizing the room with humidifier can improve the quality of sleep skin condition and work productivity. Add your favorite essential oil to the aroma box can help you relax after work.

large capacity.jpg
Large capacity

The humidifier has a plentiful tank capacity (5.3l) that can moisture a large room with a max working time up to 30 hours

reservation function.jpg
Reservation function

With the intelligent timer you can set up the time of scheduled boot

Auto shutoff

With auto shut-off feature the humidifier will automatically stop when it runs out of water which ensures your safety and prevents any damage to the machine.

Baby mode

In baby mode it adds enough moisture in the air to ensure the baby can get fresh air and sleep well.

constant temperature.jpg
Constant temperature

Excessive humidity can cause physical discomfort when the air humidity reaches the setting values the humidifier will stop working. The constant temperature and humidity provides a better sleep to you.

air fryer.jpg
Air fryer

Download the proscenic home app and you can control and adjust your air fryer with app. You can even start stop or adjust the machine when you are at work.

Control and schedule cooking with alexa voice. You can free your hands just by speaking to alexa your air fryer will work as you command . You can effortlessly schedule cooking times choose menu and monitor the cooking status making you enjoy the convenience and easy operation

Online recipes

The proscenichome app provides you tens of preset original and delicious recipes it is a great helper for the person who doesn't know how to cook a meal. The recipes will tell you what to prepare.

Customize recipes. There are dozens of online recipes on the app. You can customize your own recipes through the app and the temperature and time  will be saved for the customized recipes for the next time cooking.

Schedule cooking

Create a schedule on the app and the air fryer will start to cook at the scheduled time. You will have more time to do other things without having to watch the fryer

multi functions.jpg
Multi functions

8 menus (fries shrimp pizza chicken fish steak cake bacon) preset in the machine you can choose to fry bake grill or roast as you need.

Combination functions. Engineered with 3 combination functions . Schedule +menu+keep warm you can choose any one two or all three it depends on your needs. This is unique to proscenic air fryers.

Delicious and healthy

It is best gift for people who suffer from heart disease diabetes and obesity. This air fryer doesn't need oil when cooking it has 85% less fat than traditional fryers but keeps the food delicious the same as deep frying.

Benefits of preheating

Preheating the food for 3-5 minutes before cooking will give a crisper taste and look fresher this function beats many other brands.

cooking fast.jpg
Cooking fast

This air fryer adopts new technology-rapid hot air technology to cook. The heat is transferred with very high intensity and distributed over the food from all sides and can penetrate through a thick pile of food particles

large capacity air fryer
Large capacity

Comes with a 5.8lt large capacity basket. It allows you to cook for a whole family of 3-7 people. The square basket enables larger capacity.

The food basket is made of aluminum and has a teflon coating which makes it a less chance of food sticking.

The detachable and non stick basket and drawer are both dishwasher safe which makes cleaning a breeze.

One touch LED panel

Sensitive LED touch panel. Just select the menus and functions you need and the machine will do the rest.

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