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We sell unique shower heads!

At shower plus we sell unique shower heads and accessories that can't be bought anywhere else

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Transform your space with customizable felt wall tiles

Interior spaces matter. They can change the way we feel and i believe that we're significantly more productive-and happier-in spaces that have been thoughtfully designed. Felt right is all about creating a space that's both inspiring-and just right for you. At felt right it's not just about providing beautiful tiles ,we use technology that turns-single use plastic waste into beautiful wool-like felt fibers that in turn become our felt tiles


.sound dampening

.color, warmth and dimensionality

.browse design and create

.delivered right to your door

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Shop eco-friendly bathroom fixtures and vanities

At modern bathroom our environmentally-friendly bathroom fixtures help safeguard our planet and its resources. While some can save you money in the long term through lower water usage. We have a eco-friendly vanity to fit your next project. We offer both a double and single vanity . Are you looking for an eco-friendly shower or bathtub we have eco-friendly showerheads which offer a low flow high efficiency alternative to help save water and the environment. We even have eco-friendly toilets and bidets. Our eco-friendly vanities use sustainable materials in their construction from sustainably harvested wood to recycled or re-used materials

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