Quality cutlery and cookware

Welcome to Zwilling cutlery and cookware. One of the oldest brands in the world. Produced in Solingen Germany. What started as a small company 290 years ago grew into a company that inspires the whole world,and is the specialist for the international culinary culture that you know today. When it comes to the production of our products we are really passionate about perfection. The Zwilling group is not only home to great kitchen tools but also to great brands from all over the world. Like Zwilling ,Staub from France, Miyabi from Japan, Ballarini from Italy or Demeyere from Belgium.


We're setting the standard in high quality knives-however you slice chop or dice it.

-knife sets

-chef's knives

-bread knives

-prep knives

-paring and peeling knifes

-utility knives

-boning and fillet knives

-carving and slicing knives


-self sharpening

-Japanese knives

-steak knives and sets

-kitchen shears and scissors

-knife blades and storage

-cleavers and Chinese chef's knives


From Italian nonstick and French cast iron to Belgian stainless steel, savor the world's best cookware in your own kitchen.

-cookware sets

-bake ware

-ceramic cookware

-skillets and fry pans

-Dutch oven and cocottes

-French ovens

-saucepans and sauciers

-saute pans

-soup and stock pots

-grill pans and griddles


-ovenware bakers and casseroles

-roasting pans

-specialty cookware

-woks and stir fry pans

-ramekins and bowls

-rice cocotte


Fresh and save
Give food a fresh start

The fresh and save vacuum food storage systems revolutionizing how you store your groceries and meals. Our exclusive technology preserves flavors and nutrients, prevents freezer burn and keeps food fresh up to 5 times longer than non-vacuum food storage method. All at the press of a button.

-starter sets

-vacuum pump

-vacuum container

-vacuum lunch box

-vacuum bags

-vacuum wine sealer

storage containers

We have been designing and perfecting premium knives at Zwilling for over 280 years. Now we've taken the knife to the next level. The result is the first ever Zwilling blade developed for a high- performance blender. But that is just the beginning. Drawing on our love for detail and passion for perfection the Zwilling Enfinigy series is born. Durable electric kitchen appliances that meet the very highest demands namely yours.


-drip coffee maker






Whip up delicious dishes without worry with these handy kitchen helpers.

-can openers

-cheese utensils

-cutting boards

-graters and peelers

-grill tools

-kitchen shears

-serving tools

-Staub tools


-wine tools


kitchen accessories

Equally beautiful and functional. Our glassware, flatware and serving sets make meals memorable




-serving tools

-steak knives



-wine glasses and accessories.