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It's time for a medical breakthrough

The world's first massage chair engineered to help heal your mind body and soul

There are many massage chairs out there but most of them miss the mark when it comes to relieving pain and correcting posture. The majority simply provides massages with a few medical benefits. Everyone deserves good health and these chairs tap the power of massage therapy to help support you in your effort to live a life that's unburdened by stress and illness.  We will help you improve your mental and physical health with all the benefits that massage therapy has to offer.

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Zero gravity sleep system

Medical breakthrough zero gravity sleep system is the first zero-gravity massage chair engineered to help you fall asleep. Once you become positioned in zero-gravity by the inflatable air bags the massage chair will assist you in finding the optimal position for your maximum comfort. Then it performs a soothing therapeutic massage to help you drift off to sleep it's so relaxing that it's never been easier to fall asleep in a massage chair.

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Full body stretch

Stretching daily is an important part of good health. Daily stretching can improve energy and balance relieve pain and prevent future injury. Because of how beneficial  it is for your body to stretch. We have built our full body stretch function into every breakthrough massage chair. Our full body stretch function holds your hips in place while your legs are pulled down and your back is stretched. Get amazing stretches every single day with our full body stretch function and start reaping the health benefits now.

Quiet massage

To help you get into the most relaxing mindset possible we engineered the chair to be extremely quiet. We spent a lot of time sound proofing the motor so you barely hear any noise while you get a massage.

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head to toe back massage system

Medically the most important side of the body to massage is the back. To the left  you can see a map of the pain points located on the back of the body. This is why we spent so much time engineering each one of our chairs to massage your back thoroughly from head to toe. Every medical breakthrough chair has been specially designed to target and massage these points which will make you feel hundreds of times better when you are given the attention needed.

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Adjustable leg extensions

Our massage chair is designed to fit people of all heights whether you are 4 feet or 6 feet 5 inches we have engineered the chair to match your exact height. Our adjustable leg extensions make it easy to extend or shorten the legs to a position that makes you most comfortable.

engulfed arm massage system

Engulfed arm massage system

After you try our engulfed arm massage system you will never want to live without one. It fully covers every inch of your arms hands fingers and finger tips and massages them from top to bottom underneath and sideways all at the same time. Even a real masseuse cannot do all these things at once! This is why you will feel so much better after getting your hand massaged by our engulfed arm massage system


Smart full body medical scan

Full body scan technology

While many massage chair manufacturers claim that their chairs have body scanning features most fail to work properly. After scanning your body their systems may still massage you in the wrong places, causing discomfort and pain. Our highly advanced smart medical scan technology will detect every part of your body and deliver a targeted soothing massage. We designed this system with flexibility in mind since everyone likes different kinds of massages if that is not enough all medical breakthrough massage chairs can be adjusted manually as well you can adjust the vertical position of the rollers from your neck all the way to your lower back.

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True 4D deep tissue massage system

Most massage chairs don't really have a 4D massage system despite their claims. Many don't even know what 4D massage really means,but our true 4D deep tissue massage system means true 4D. This means it performs extreme deep tissue massages along your back around your neck and in the shape of your spine. The specially designed massage rollers protrude deep into your neck, back and lower back to ensure that your whole body can enjoy the healing potential of a massage. Our true 4D deep tissue massage system is so effective you will feel like a brand new person after even the most stubborn stiffness is massaged away.

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Medical breakthrough business opportunity

Runs on its own. The easiest way to make money. A medical breakthrough vending massage chair is the perfect way to earn extra income for your business or property. Unlike running your everyday business which takes up most of your day and assistance this takes no effect :install and collect money. Our chairs are proven to add an extra service that your customers will love. It also gives your business an opportunity for higher returning customer rates. The best part about owning a Medical Breakthrough vending massage chair is that while you provide a relaxing service to your customers you also earn a possible revenue stream. for your company and property. A vending massage chair is a money-making machine that performs well in small and large retail service and transportation properties.


Vending income

If your business brings in customers by the hundreds or even the thousands everyday we can assure that you and your new vending massage chairs from Medical Breakthrough will be ready. Our massage chairs are a combination of luxury and durability that is unbeaten by any competition to ensure the longevity of your massage chair. We've reinforced our massage chairs to be built for continuous and commercial use throughout each day