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Embrace the goodness of nature

We are a women owned business who are determined to make a difference in the beauty industry. Our hope is to inspire everyone to make healthier choices when looking for a solution for better beauty, by choosing smarter  What to use on your hair and skin. We encourage you to trust the goodness of nature to help you look and feel your best always. All of our products are handmade with love and care to help you achieve your healthiest and strongest skin, hair, and scalp environment. Nature provides us with all the ingredients to achieve effective and beautiful hair and skin care. We use only the finest plant-based ingredients and extracts to harness the benefits of nature.

babo botanical products
Babo botanical's natural hair and skin products for the entire family

Babo botanicals's line of products that both stood up to our professional standards ad felt safe and natural enough for the entire family. A line of hair and skin products formulated with very clean, natural ingredients.

itemerie products eco-friendly home products
Luxury and sustainable curated items for your home and for you

Sustainable and ethically-made products that look good and feel good. At Itemerie we operate on the premise that you shouldn't have to be throwing items away within weeks of buying them. We thoroughly vet each vendor to understand their manufacturing practices to make sure we reduce our carbon footprint. Items are made with sustainable materials and genuine care for the planet on top of that we use recycled and recyclable packaging made without plastic.

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glitter proucts
The first naturally biodegradable glitter in the world

Today glitter does not sell plastic glitter or fake biodegradable glitter (like compostable glitter) ingredients that promote clean beauty free of harsh chemicals irritants and carcinogens. Use our glitter for festivals, make-up ,body and face painting

protein products
Plant protein products

At Livwell we were tired of the lack of quality plant protein products out there. As a result we had a mission to inform and provide all the beneficial superfoods that bring nourishment to the body and mind. We provide the highest quality products possible we only use organic ingredients in our products, free from synthetic fertilizers ,hormones, antibiotics, and chemical pesticides. .raw plant protein .raw cacao protein blend .vanilla bean protein blend .coconut protein blend .natural protein blend.

plant based beauty products
Way of will beauty products

.natural skin care .body care .self care products We provide plant-based alternative wellness brands. We connect people with nature through plant-based wellness products that are truly good for the body mind and soul.

.no parabens .no artificial coloring .no aluminum zirconium and no aluminum chlorohydrate .no sodium lauryl .no synthetic oils .cruelty free