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Camp off-grid. Anywhere everywhere. This solar trailer comes complete with all the appliances you need to adventure further and more often. It's time to consider, traveling lighter easier and with more freedom-all powered by the sun.

Multi-function living space

Compact lightweight and easy to tow

IThe all Aluminum frame provides durability while weighing less than 1,800 lbs. Superb aerodynamics mean less drag and much better gas mileage.

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Built to last and last

Lifetime cost of ownership is much lower when you are saving costs on maintenance fuel, storage and campground fees. High tech materials remove decay from the equation while the closed camper is sealed from the elements.

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Aerodynamic and compact

Designed with efficiency in mind to save on storage and gas mileage. The Go sun camp 365 has the  best space to weight ratio on the market.At a weight less than 1,800 lbs and a total collapsed height of 6'8" it can easily be stowed in a garage. tow with virtually any vehicle with a class 1 hitch.

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Maximize the experience

Durable marine grade fabric insulates the indoor cabin from chilly temperatures or blistering heat. Terrain leveling system allows the Go sun camp 365 to be deployed in sand, dirt, mud or snow at a max height of 7' 6" with close to 700 cubic feet, the space is entirely customizable to fit any adventure.

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Go sun designs for maximum fun and resilience. Camp 365 helps elevate your camp experience and provides the freedom of going off-grid. With the best portability possible in an RV, it's a great fit for your daily driver.

"The most innovative camper design we've seen in years.

" The right camper for many who seek adventure in their travels-or just want a very towable camper.

"pop-up camper on steroids"