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You don't need your gas vehicle to commute in the city

Imagine taking about 10 seconds to fold and unfold your e-bike. In just 3 moves you can store your e-bike into the car trunk, metro or bus. A removable battery built seamless into the frame. Park the bike wherever you need. Change the battery wherever you want. It's 250w brushless motor hidden in the 20 inch rear wheel gives you a gentle push while riding . You're given the feeling that you've gained superhuman strength. With integrated lights and a special braking system you can move freely without feeling danger. Powerful integrated front and rear lights to ride safely. Turn them on/off through the LCD display weighs 17 kg and has a 60 km range.

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The foldable electric longboard

Foldable and with a high performance frame, constructed with carbon fiber and 100% bamboo for a sleek responsive ride. Ready for an adrenaline rush. Just hit the sport mode and have fun. Cruise mode is perfect for enjoying yourself while surfing on the road. Designed in Italy. Transform your commute into an enjoyable experience.  .integrated remote control .compact size .5.5 kg weight .easy swappable battery pack . smart locking mechanism.