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Together with felt right tiles we can make a difference

Our felt right tiles and felt boards not only make your home or office more beautiful and productive they can also help promote a healthier environment due to our sustainable manufacturing commitment. Here at felt right we know that you'll love your felt right purchase because we are committed to providing products that are truly innovative reasonably priced and sustainably produced.


At felt right sustainability matters. Our company was founded on a deep commitment to protect our planet, which means designing products with a smaller ecological footprint and continually working to reduce the impact of our operations. We empower both our employees and customers to make a difference

-our tiles are made with at least 50% recycled content.

-contain no red-list chemicals

-emit no harmful VOCS

eco friendly
Color and dimensionality

With felt right tiles and pinboards you can bring color and dimensionality to any wall in your home or office. Our tiles are ideal for adding texture warmth and sound-dampening acoustics to any of your feature walls. We offer a beautifully curated collection of colors shapes and engraved textures that allows you to create an endless range of stunning combinations and design solutions from decoration pin-up notes to-do lists to photos and memories. There's a lot to love about what you can do with these versatile felt right tiles and boards.

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The power of pinnability

Felt right tiles are more than just decoration these high-quality felt tiles and felt boards complement the architecture of your home or office with unparalleled sound quality and design flexibility. What can our felt tiles do for your walls? The better question would be what these tiles can't do.

-ideal for small desk organizers sound-dampening wall art, classrooms, bulletin boards, architectural acoustic wall texture and kids rooms.

-tackable with semi-rigid per felt

-durable enough to be pinned and re-pinned countless times.

Sound dampening tiles we think you'll like the sound of this

Have you ever wondered why some spaces simply don't sound good in a 20 foot room with bare reflective surfaces, sound waves bounce back and forth at roughly 60 times in a single second this reflected noise distorts direct sound and serves to drastically diminish our listening experience. Felt right sound proof tiles have a noise reduction coefficient of 0.35 which is comparable to one-inch thick polyurethane foam (a common sound dampening material) an NRC of 0.35 means our tiles and boards absorb up to 35 percent of reflected sound.

sound proofing
Easy to install

Felt right tiles are a breeze to install and most designs can be installed over a cup of coffee. Paint safe peel and stick adhesive tabs come standard with each order and we always include a few extra for trial and error. So don't worry about messing up.

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