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South Coast Enterprises provides access to top rated products and services that are designed to improve your daily life, save you money, and make you more eco-responsible. We search the globe finding products that meet our criteria for being quality made , sustainable, eco-friendly and cost-effective . Our services provide benefits to our customers, and provide quality, honest and reliable workmanship using quality products at affordable prices. Our work is done by qualified technicians with years of experience.

purchase any of our products and receive discounts on our plumbing services

home improvement services

plumbing services

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We provide a complete plumbing service



.fixture replacement

.new construction


home plans

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Building a new home. Are you searching for the perfect layout. View our ready made home plans or design from scratch.

lighting fixtures

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We have the lowest online pricing for lighting fixtures, quality made and easy to install

air and water purification systems

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Hall of fame activepure technology. Our award-winning technology is proven nearly 100% effective in safely eliminating many common airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, and volatile organic compounds.

cheap kitchen faucets

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cheap kitchen faucets.  free shipping 30 day return


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Top rated superior designed and built

.flat panel .recessed .mantel . cigar humidor cabinet .wine and beverage cooler.

container homes

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Build a container home . Turn your dream into reality. Step-by-step plans to design and build a container home from scratch.

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Smart plumbing fixtures for the home

.toilets  .faucets  .water heaters .bidets .mirrors .showers 

smart plumbing products

products services and business opportunities

private jet charters

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Access 9,000 private aircraft across 40,000 destinations worldwide with the best private jet charter prices available. Access the lowest prices from the largest global network of private aircraft and benefit from the round-the-clock service

mega online superstore

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Visit South Coast Enterprises mega online superstore. Over 70,000 products available at or below wholesale cost.

solar powered appliances

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Outdoor solar powered appliances that are innovative and encourage fun , resilience and independence

shadazzle cleaner

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We are a dealer for the top rated  Shadazzle cleaner, thentix beauty products, and leather mate

start an Amazon FBA business

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Five-step guide to start an Amazon FBA business for free. Discover how to start a business on Amazon with a sustainable scalable business model and change your life forever.

battery reconditioning

innovative products

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save money at the gas pump

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Simple way to save money. Experience significant fuel savings. Tested and proven. B-eco fuel tabs are an amazing fuel saver and engine cleaner. Increase mpg, reduce emissions and increase performance.

How to recondition all types of old batteries and bring them back to 100% of their working condition and as a business opportunity learn how to get old batteries in bulk and recondition these batteries and sell for large profits.

Shopenzer is an award winning e-commerce company and brings to you the most innovative and problem solving products making day to day life easier and interesting

energy independence for all

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Renogy is on a mission to change the way the world uses energy. We aim to provide all the components necessary for users to build-off-grid solar power systems at affordable prices

.solar for trucks

.commercial applications

.marine use


.home power

make your home a smart home

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Smart products that are designed to give customers the ability to transition into a smart home environment without the hassle of changing electronics or replacing appliances

smart vacuum cleaners

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Science and technology presents innovative and intelligent technologies for making vacuum cleaners smart

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