Our floor coating system will transform your dull and dreary concrete floor into a stunning,seamless,masterpiece that will outshine other comparable systems for years. With our extreme polyurea topcoat in your finish ,rest assured that you are getting the absolute best-looking clear topcoat available in the country. Our topcoat provides extreme chemical and abrasion resistance,which is why it will continue to shine when others start to fade. Our topcoat finish will not yellow from sun exposure and most are under 10 voc making it safer for the planets ozone. And when we say our clear topcoats are "hot tire resistant" we mean it. They will not yellow,darken,stain or lift from hot tires. You can expect to easily wipe up any tire marks for years to come. When other products say they are "hot tire resistant" they mean it won't peel. Your new floor will be beautiful,easy to clean and it comes with a "lifetime warranty" Don't be concerned about traction on that dazzling high gloss mirror like shine. Our floor coating provides an evenly distributed slip resistant surface. There is no special maintenance or waxing. We are so sure of our system that after you finish viewing our floor coating system,please check out other similar systems and compare. We know that you will be back. Our system has been proved over the years with thousands and thousands of installations in residential, commercial and industrial applications. You can have an imitation granite look,or a solid color.
We are so sure of our system that after you finish viewing our floor coating system check out other similar systems and compare we know that you will be back. Our system has been in use for many years with over 50,000,000 square feet installed to date. There is a reason why it comes with a lifetime warranty.
step one grinding the floor
step two filling cracks
step three rolling on the epoxy
step four putting on the flake
step five rolling on the topcoat
now you have a maintenance free worry free floor
Our system is
.hot tire resistant
.chemical resistant
.tough and durable
.elegant and easy to clean
.use indoor or outdoor
.compliments any decor
.high mve resistant
.non yellowing
Our floor coating system is a simple 5 step process that begins with testing your floor to see its ability to hold our special epoxy. Generally we grind the floor roughing it up allowing the epoxy to bite into the concrete. After the grinding the floor we do a deep cleaning, and fill in any large cracks. Once completed we apply the epoxy,then the flake. After the flake is applied we remove the excess, then apply the non yellowing,slip resistant topcoat. Now you have a maintenance free,worry free floor that will be beautiful and easy to clean...........
If you are a business owner the same floor coating system that is used for residential garage floors can be used for commercial/industrial applications. If you have a concrete floor that requires high strength gloss abrasion and chemical resistance,the ultra low odor of the system and its solvent free nature allow it to be applied without disabling surrounding operations during application and cure time.

.airplane hangers
.commercial floors
.industrial floors
.shopping mall floors
.auto dealers
.auto repair shops
.dog run
.dog wash
.grocery store
.parking structure
.restaurant floor
.school floor
.hospital floor
standard blended flake colors
 light grey
 medium tan
rare earth
 saddle tan
 coastal blue
 dakota grey
maui sand
salt and pepper
tan and bone
solid flake colors
s tomato
s adobe beige
s amethyst
s autumn brown
s beige
s black
s brick red
s brown
s burgundy
s canyon red
s charcoal
s cocoa brown
s crest green
s dark blue
s delray blue
s dove gray
s dusk blue
s fawn
s forest green
s gold
s granite
s graphite
s hunter green
s ivory
s jasper
s medium grey
s milkweed
s mint green
s mustard
s olive
s patio red
s peach
s powder blue
s rose
s salmon
1780 scone
1785 tan
1790 true blue
1800 whisper gray
1820 white
2160 orange
2200 primary yellow
2240 red
4000 bls blaze orange
4040 bls chartreuse
4080 bls hot pink
4120 rocket red
4160 bls signal green
4180 bls horizon blue
5051 afterglow
5052 chocolate
5101 seaspray
5102 lime
5103 sorbet
5104 african violet
5114 ebony
5115 putty
5116 wigwam
5117 acorn
5118 fireweed
5252 cement
5301 cormeal
5302 cardboard
5303 cappuccino
5304 mud
5305 tabu
5306 porpoise
5307 camel back
5910 jd green
5920 cyberspace
5935 rustic red
6601 buff
6602 latte
6604 primary blue
6606 neutral gray
6607 clay
6609 burnt red
6611 evergreen
6612 creamy orange
6613 sage
6614 cream
6615 pumpkin
6616 lemon yellow
6617 teal
6621 stormy blue
6622 sunrise yellow
 limited lifetime warranty for epoxy garage floor coatings. A limited lifetime warranty is provided for floor coating materials (up to a maximum 5000 square feet) to the original consumer purchaser as follows. if you the home owner installs you must follow installation exactly as instructed. failure to do so results in "no warranty provided"

1. Against peeling/delamination from the concrete for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns the home in which the floor coating materials were installed.
  1. Against hot tire markings and staining from incidental spills of oil,transmission fluid,radiator fluid,gasoline,and diesel that are promptly removed for a period of 10 years
from the date of substantial completion.

commercial/industrial buildings. Floor coating materials installed in commercial,industrial or business use buildings (up to a maximum of 5000 square feet) are warranted to the original consumer purchaser against the following conditions for a period of 3 years from the date of substantial completion. including peeling/delamination from the concrete staining from incidental spills of oil,transmission fluid,radiator fluid,gasoline and diesel that are promptly removed.

Exterior surfaces. Floor coating materials (up to a maximum of 5000 square feet) are warranted to the original consumer purchaser against the following conditions for a period of 3 years from the date of substantial completion of work. Peeling/delamination from the concrete,staining from incidental spills of oil,transmission fluid,radiator fluid,gasoline,and diesel that are promptly removed.(wiped up within 20 minutes of spill)


Exclusions. This warranty does not apply to South Coast Enterprises and will not be responsible for normal wear and tear or any damage to floor coatings or other property caused by improper repairs made or attempted by anyone other that the purchaser or south coast enterprises. Faulty maintenance,misuse,abuse,neglect,extreme temperatures,staining or peeling caused by cracking of the substrate,defective substrate,hydrostatic pressure or moisture vapor transmission levels greater than 8 lbs
battery acid,brake fluid or other industrial fluid,or as a result of any accident,casualty,or natural disasters.

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